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Covid-19: making face shields to help local workers

With its manufacturing capability, Kilncore decided to produce face shields for local workers. These face shields are based on the NIH approved design initially made by Prusa: More than 130 has already been sent to hospital workers and other essential local businesses. The project and coordination was done in partnership with Iris M., and got covered by La Voix de L’Est.

Information on how to produce the face shields (in French): Produire et assembler les visières.
Information on disinfection (French/English): Désinfecter les visières/Disinfect the face shields.

“Un énorme merci à Antoine Missout et son équipe de Kilncore de Sutton pour les visières de protections. Une équipe satisfaite!” – Jessie Gauthier
“Et moi, en le portant au travail hier et aujourd’hui vous remercie profondément de la part de l’équipe d’urgence bmp.” -Karen Iny